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Gum base manufacturing facility


Probase is a chewing and bubble gum base manufacturer located at the European Free Zone in Turkey. With +35 years experienced developer team, we aim highest quality chewing gum base to compatible prices. Thanks to our chewing gum manufacturing experience we are not going to be only a gum base supplier; we will serve our know how to create solution for all your manufacturing challenges on your demand.

Who are we
Probase way of working

Your needs, our responsibility.

Brain Storming

This is where we start festering new ideas, researching your markets needs and organizing meetings to share our technical knowledge and marketing ideas with you.

Prototype& The Formula

Probase's technical team is ready to develop your desired gum base to your chewing gum needs of any type. Our technology advisors are expert in this area especially.

Factory Trials

Now we start trying your personalized gumbase in your factories conditions. We aim to get the best results at your home.

Start Producing

Your brand, your market, the promotion and distibution are ready to synergise with the perfect gumbase. Time to produce!

Way of working
Granule gum base

Quality policy & Certificates

Our customers satisfaction is our priority. Therefore we try to achieve highest quality standards at our field. 

Probase is BRC Certified by Intertek
Kosher gum base
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