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Blue to Cream Gradient


We manufacture gum base only in granule (pellet) form as this is the highest standard at our industry. Our latest technology equipment provides us to manufacture %100 filtered product without any hand touching. Besides being sure of the purity, pellet format is going to decrease your mixing times and protect your gum mixers compared to blocks and sheets. 


Bubble gum base

· Cut&Wrap gum

· Ball gum

· Center filled gum

· Center filled lollipop gum

bubble gum base

Chewing gum base

· Non-sweetener gum

· Sugared stick gum

· Sugar free stick gum

· Sugared pellet gum (dragee)

· Sugar free pellet gum (dragee)

· Sugar free tab-gum

· Sugar free cubes

· Sugar free center filled coated gums

· Sugar free functional pellet gum (dragee)

· Sugar free functional stick gum bases

Chewing gum base
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